Make Your Daily Activities Simple By Adopting Some Useful Life Hacks

Technology has proved to be a boon in human’s life and is helping in various ways to make their daily life tasks easier. No matter in which country you reside, you will surely like to have access to the latest technology so that you can save your time for other works. One can follow some quirky life hacks to make their daily activities simpler. Listed below are some popular life hacks:

Transform your photos: If you love capturing beautiful places in your gallery then now you can do it in a more unique way by removing everything that comes in a way. For that you need to set your camera on tripod mode first and click photos after every 10seconds until you click 15photos. Later on open all clicked images in Photoshop. Photoshop after accessing all your photos finds the difference and simply removes it.

Design your own glass plate: If you are looking for something unique this time for your glass plate then rather than buying a new glass plate you can make it on your own. The process is really simple, you need the gum and design which you like to have on your glass plate. Put gum on that design structure and let it dry. After few hours, remove the gum part from it and either get it painted or leave it like that to be used as glass plate.

Unclog drains in cost effective manner: clogged drains have been a common issue for many home owners and to unclog it they use various expensive chemicals or call professionals for it. But now you can cut good cost by using cheaper methods. You can pour a mix of a cup of vinegar and half cup of baking soda in the clogged drain. When it stops foaming then drain out the sink and drain will get unclogged.

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